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- 3rd place -
Musical comedian or comedic musician - call him what you
like - Robin Boot’s “Rockomedy” takes you on a musical
journey which combines clever word-play and darkly
surreal lyrics with incredible guitar, percussive feet
and beautiful hair - what more can you ask for?!

"Robin Boot's deliciously dark & surreally silly

songs are an absolute hoot... catch him, 

you won't be disappointed" (Dead Parrot Society)

"A comedy Kinder Egg, great laughs

coated in great music... a top act!" (Fat Controller)

"A one-man pun machine" (Christian O'Connell, Absolute Radio)

"The man oozes talent"  (Fox )

"Slayer on the acoustic... a f*cking talented c*nt" (Mark Little)

"Like Jesus... only fatter" (S. Harding)​

"...a proper weirdo" (Robin's Mum 1992)

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